Friday, March 12, 2010

Special Item!!

showtime from kylie minouge
i bought this perfume during sales.
only use like 3,4 times. i didnt really like the smell
too sweet.

selling for rm90!!

All stuff for RM20!!

navy short drees bought form romp
bought for RM49.90
advisable for petite

denim flat from cartino sonea
onlu wear twice
size 38

empire short dress
can be worn as dress for petite
and tops for the taller.
only worn twice

All stuff for RM10!!

preloved boyfriend checkered
advisable for size S-M
look good to pair with legging.
email for measurement ya!

preloved blouse
i got this blouse from other blogshop
only wear once
fit in S-M

preloved t-shirt 1
only wear once.
too short for my liking because i have a big b****

preloved t-shirt 2
worn twice

Bonjour mademoiselle!!

bonjour! comment ca va? lol. ok i'm selling my clothes not to clean my closet, not because i in need of money but because i dont fit in it anymore. sad huh? some of them are my favourite. but haih, cannot throw away, cannot give to baby sister because she's fatter than me (hihihihi). so here is the 1st batch!